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TRANSFER: transfer papers for printing in INKJET (water and solvent base) and LASER in sheets and rolls of the most common sizes 8.5 "x11", 11 "x17", A4, A3, 24 "x 100 ', etc.

TRANSFER IMIDIA LIGHT FABRICS (red grid): printable with water-based inks (dye and pigmented) and with solvent based inks.

TRANSFER IMIDIA DARK FABRICS (IDT): also known as OPAQUE, it is printable with water-based inks (dye and pigmented), solvent-based inks and laser (only transfer for 1-step laser in dark fabrics).

TRANSFER NEENAH TechniPrint EZP: transfer paper to transfer photos and images to clear garments with the use of laser siminsagh

TRANSFER NEENAH Laser 1 Opaque: transfer paper to transfer photos and images to dark garments with the use of laser printers (copiers)
TRANSFER NEENAH Jet-Pro SS: transfer paper for clear garments with water-based ink-jet printing (dye, pigment or sublimation)

TRANSFER NEENAH 3G Jet Opaque: transfer paper for dark garments with water-based ink-jet printing (dye, pigment or sublimation)

TRANSFER NEENAH TechniPrint HS: transfer paper to transfer images to ceramic objects (plates, mugs), paper blocks and mouse pads

CHEMICAL CUTTABLE TEXTILE VINYL: for thermal transfer to textiles in sports clothing applications: marking of numbers and letters for names, equipment, safety vests in motorcycles and bicycles, etc. 


Sublimation Printers

The Sawgrass Virtuoso SG400 and SG 800 sublimation printers quickly decorate a wide variety of products with photo-quality precision. Sawgrass sublimation technology is the first and only fully integrated system in the industry designed specifically for sublimation. 

Extremely versatile: decorate a large number of products on a wide range of substrates: from polyester fabrics to aluminum, wood, tiles, cups, acrylic and glass.

    • Super fast ... Prints up to 156 impressions per hour.
    • Impressive quality: high resolution images up to 1200 x 1200 dpi.
    • Lower startup cost of any commercial product decoration technology with low maintenance and image costs.
    • Minimum size of the medium: 3.5 "x 5.5"
    • Standard paper size 
    • SG 400: 8.5 "x 14" - Maximum Paper Size: 8.5 "x 51"
    • SG 800: 11 "x 17" - Maximum media size: (13 "x 19" / A3 + with optional input tray)
    • Roll (with optional manual input tray)  

iColor 550 Printer

The iColor i550 Printer comes with an optional toner kit for sublimation that amplifies its services by producing high quality prints and vibrant colors for sublimation on polyester linens and rigid surfaces available for sublimation such as ceramics, metals, acrylics, etc. It also offers a white toner, which may be used on a wide variety of dark linens.

There’s no need to make changes between prints for transference and sublimation. IColor 550 does both. IColor 550 is perfect to create prints on cellphones, shoes, purses, mugs, etc.



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